Violeta Menéndez González

PhD student doing Computer Vision at CVSSP —University of Surrey— and BBC R&D.


Based in Manchester, UK

I am a mathematician specialised in computer science and programming. I am particularly interested in projects that involve computer vision, deep learning, applied mathematics, Linux and open source, and basically any exciting project that helps me develop my skills as a computer scientist.

I am currently working towards a PhD in Computer Vision applied to Media Production at CVSSP (University of Surrey) with BBC R&D. My topic is Generating Virtual Camera Views Using Generative Networks. I am familiar with deep learning inpainting techniques, generative adversarial networks, novel view synthesis approaches, NeRF, etc. You can find my publications here.

I believe open and reproducible science is really important for the future of research and for trust in science. I am a member of the Surrey Reproducibility Society, and as part of this initiative I run the Monthly Mini Hacks. These are monthly workshops that promote the intersection between open science and coding. We aim to cultivate best programming practices in research and to provide peer-to-peer support for learning new skills and abilities, and we also share all our resources to facilitate open collaboration. We are always looking for new people for long-term collaborations, one-time talks (you don’t need to be an expert!), or just to join us to see what others have to say. Feel free to send me an email or follow us on Twitter.

I really enjoy learning new things about life, the universe, and everything, and I love talking with people about what they are passionate about. I really enjoy books, films, cooking (and baking for the office!), travelling, languages, the great outdoors… I am currently the treasurer of the Surrey Scuba Diving Society and a STEM ambassador.


Jun 18, 2023 I presented my paper on sparse view synthesis at AI4CC at CVPR2023
May 1, 2023 I have been awarded the Student Travel Grant to attend the AI for Content Creation (AI4CC) Workshop at CVPR2023!
Apr 21, 2023 I have been awarded an SRUK/CERU Travel Grant 2023 to attend CVPR2023!
Nov 21, 2022 I presented my latest paper on sparse view synthesis at BMVC
Jun 19, 2022 I presented my poster at AI4CC at CVMP 2022

selected publications

  1. SVS: Adversarial Refinement for Sparse Novel View Synthesis
    Violeta Menéndez González, Andrew Gilbert, Graeme Phillipson, Stephen Jolly, and Simon Hadfield
    In 33rd British Machine Vision Conference 2022, BMVC, 2022
  2. SaiNet: Stereo aware inpainting behind objects with generative networks
    Violeta Menéndez González, Andrew Gilbert, Graeme Phillipson, Stephen Jolly, and Simon Hadfield
    AI4CC at CVPR, 2022